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Jon R

I very strongly disagree with this proposal. Though I agree with the assesment that this war in Iraq was unethical, a chief ethisist is not the answer. This position would be quickly corrupted, and would ultimately become a government sanctioned pulpit for evangelical christianity.
This "Chief Ethisist" would then serve as legal justification for the integration of church and state, and this would doom us all. I understand you're intentions for this suggestion, and in an ideal world it would be a great idea. Unfortunately, the world is far from ideal. America's current socio-political climate is so frighteningly pro-theocracy, that we need to be very careful what decisions are made. They say the road to "hell" is paved with good intentions, I think that this is one of the times we should take that old cliche seriously.


Hi Jon,

I hadn't thought about it from a US perspective. I don't think America is in a place where it could adopt this approach for the reasons you suggest.

I'm in the UK, as is the author of the article I referenced. We have a different set of problems.

We don't have church state separation - 26 bishops automatically sit in our upper house of parliament.

The idea of removing those bishops and taking ethical direction from secular philosophers sounds like a much better idea to me.


I'm sorry, I hadn't realized that you were from Britain. I had never heard about the bishops getting automatic seats on parliament. With all deserved respect to you, I find that quite foul. With that in mind I can certainly see why you would like to replace that system with a secular ethicist. I do certainly think it's a good idea, it's just one that would be catastrophic in the States.

As a secularist from Britain keep your eyes on America. The rumors are absolutely true. America is fast becoming a theocracy, and it's not only the politicians. The citizenry has become far more religious and vocal in their zealotry. I know that Europe has seen the troubles of theocracy first hand & they have strived (for the most part) to keep the governments secular.

I don't know how you feel about the Europian Union, but I am all for it. The world will be better off with it's strongest nation, prefering secularism.


Hi Jon,

Yes, the rest of the world is becoming increasingly aware of the scary relationship that America has with religion. The problems in the UK seem trivial in comparison.

I don't think you can generalise about European countries, we have everything from secular France to heavily Roman Catholic Poland.

There was a big row over the proposed EU constitution when several countries wanted to include a mention of God or Christianity. We also have the Vatican trying to stick it's nose in.

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