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John K. Fitzpatrick

>>I do respect people's right to have religious beliefs, but I also wish they'd hurry up and work out that their beliefs are daft so we can get on with developing a grown-up society.

Do you also respect people's "right" to believe the holocaust never happened? or that London is really located in China? or that Negros are mud-people? My point is, people have a right not to be tortured for saying stupid things, which stems from our respect for their personhood, and humble admission of our own fallibility, but I see no obligation to respect their beliefs, or assign a "right" to hold them.
- John


John, to my mind, there's a big different between respecting people's right to believe and respecting their beliefs.

I have no respect at all for people's religious beliefs, but I believe in freedom of thought and free speech. So yes, I respect people's right to believe in any of the things you list.

Do I respect the people who believe these things? That's more difficult. There are certainly religious people who I respect because they have other qualities that compensate for their beliefs.

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