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Good one. I'm always on the lookout for evidence that religious people can be sensible, and this story is a nice illustration.

Sportin' Life

Personally I think that these are also the qualities required for contemplating the 'big questions' which Sacks considers to be the domain of dogmatic religion.

Yes, I agree. Sacks' statement that "Religious faith is our noblest effort to understand ourselves and our place in the universe," seems incompatible with his argument.


I agree that this view is welcome given the current state of world affairs, with my country leading the war against rationality, but to suggest that religion should have nothing to do with science is, likewise, irrational, since religion is commentary on our ignorance and hopes and dreams about the world, which are things that science naturally affects continually.

Al Kasprzyk

I discovered your blog only the other day, and have just read it from the beginning. But you don't seem to have posted for a while now - I hope this is due to festive exuberance at home, and not a sign that you've given up the blog! Please keep posting! Best wishes.


Good post. I always like to highlight stuff like this just so that I remember that not all religious people are pro-theocracy.


GO Rabbi Jonathan Sacks!


This is a nice story and good to hear. I use a web site called www.onlineblessings.com to send blessings to my friends and family in hopes of generating good stories such as this one.


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'In itself that is a blessing.' That's like saying 'rather than confront the facts, it's better to embrace ignorance and consider it a virtue'.


Quote: "Sacks explains that it's the 'existence of alternatives, the clash of opinions' that keeps democracy alive and that this is where politics and religion differ. Personally I think that these are also the qualities required for contemplating the 'big questions' which Sacks considers to be the domain of dogmatic religion."

hmmm ... I don't know Sacks, but I don't have any reason to believe his religion is "dogmatic".

Religion doesn't have to be dogmatic, any more than any philosophy does.

At the same time, I've met more than a few dogmatic secularists and even a few dogmatic atheists.

I think it important to point out dogmatic practices where ever we encounter them, but such should be done explicitly. Otherwise, the practice one will appear to be dogmatic himself :-(


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John Sebastian

You're a Jew because you were brought up to be a Jew. Had you been brought up a Muslim, you'd have been a Muslim. There is no evidence for God. You were educated to be specifically a Jew.



He has, also, translated into Portuguese the Wealth of Mations by Adam Smith.

He has been awarded several prizes.

Don't forget the name of this great author, you'll be hearing of him soon.


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CheckPoint Reality

That's really interesting. As I was recently reading an article pertaining to Religion and Politics. I found myself a bit irritated that the two seem to mend together, perhaps irrational thoughts - but being from the states it does state in the constituion the two should remain seperate however - our former president states we are all one under God. Left me wondering "Who's God? Your God?". Great article/post.


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