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Sportin' Life

If so why aren't they doing more to save me and the other atheists in the family?

LOL, careful what you wish for!


Yeah, right? I live in fear that my mother may one day find out that I am an avowed athiest. She would be heart broken over this because she would have to conclude that I will be spending eternity in agony instead of bliss beside her in Heaven.

While I am not afraid of condemnation, I would not want to see her in such distress.

R. D. Brock

While Jehovah's Witnesses do not believe in the conventional hell of eternal punishment (they believe "hell" is synonymous with the grave, i.e., nonexistence), I can tell you with absolute certainty how they act when their own flesh and blood rejects and leaves the faith, and therefore is no longer "saved." The individual is formally "disfellowshipped" from the religion, and a policy of "shunning" is instituted. The rationale being that "if a parent truly loves their child, they will shun them, and thus provide an incentive for them to return to the faith."

I know a Jehovah's Witness whose mother said "she is now Satan's daughter" when her daughter was disfellowshipped. She and her daughter have had no contact for over 14 years. This kind of behavior is encouraged and sanctioned by the JW organization, all the way to the top of its headquarters in Brooklyn NY.

Obviously this is an extreme behavior, indulged in by a sectarian movement (some would say "cult"), but I would not be surprised if similar, although not necessarily "formalized," shunning behaviors sometimes occur in "conventional" Christianity, towards those who are "damned to the fire."

Yet, how could anyone know that another was damned, if the admonition is "judge not, lest ye be judged?"

Isn't religion fun?



Or they just don't care that "in the afterlife, you'll be heading for some serious strife"


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